Globalization at stake: the job market review. @Sharehoods #Jobs #London

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As London has become a popular destination for the Russian and Kazakh tourists, students, refugees, and oligarchs, the outcome is discussed and seen differently. The newly implemented visa regulation rules for non-Europeans as well as drastical change of the local estate market are the two major topics covered in media these days. My focus, however, is going to be on the less talked about but not less important job market.

Previously I blogged about the great competition all job-seekers are in if they intend to get a job in London. That’s indeed true. First of all, the profile of an average applicant in London is certainly above what is supposed to be an average. Secondly, it is rather difficult to compete with a native speaker if your job requires any type of communition; and most jobs do. Lastly, with regard to the changes in the Tier 2 visa regulation rules announced in April 2012, it has become even more complicated for non-Europeans to obtain a job here, since companies are now required to evidence the reason for hiring a foreigner and the number of visas granted is capped.

On the other hand, the business is in the greatest need for the Russian speaking professionals of all sorts. Russia and Kazakhstan are deemed to be rapidly developing markets and thus become very attrative for the British companies and investors. The new wave of tech/Internet startups is actually expected from Eurasia rather than the US. At the same time luxury services based in London are mainly targeting tourists and expats from these countries. Whether it is a fashion or jewellery brand, a fitness centre, or an estate agency, they all aim at the Russian speaking community. The language appears to be the main barrier between the two, and becomes the prevailing factor for hiring, after all.

Non-European workers may not be welcomed any longer, but they are certainly needed.


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