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London Network Calling Eurasians. @Sharehoods #NetworkMap #FindYourCommunity

Man is by nature a social animal. Aristotle Indeed, social interactions are core for our existence, whether it is studying, working, partying or even procrastinating (updating your FB page every 5 sec). In case of moving to a new place, networking proves to be the best of settling and setting things. It is the network […]

Globalization at stake: the job market review. @Sharehoods #Jobs #London

As London has become a popular destination for the Russian and Kazakh tourists, students, refugees, and oligarchs, the outcome is discussed and seen differently. The newly implemented visa regulation rules for non-Europeans as well as drastical change of the local estate market are the two major topics covered in media these days. My focus, however, […]

How to date a Kazakh? @Sharehoods #LoveTips #Cultures

They say no matter what culture you are coming from, when it comes to a man and a woman, love is the only thing that matters. Is it? The difference of cultures and backgrounds was and will be a huge issue when dating someone international. So here my list of activities one should and shouldn’t […]

Meet the Londoner: Marina Gerner @Sharehoods #Interview #LSEPhD

Marina Gerner @MarinaSGerner, 24.  PhD Candidate at the LSE and an aspiring freelance writer/journalist. She was born in Kiev, Ukarine but grew up in Germany.  By this moment she has been living for more than 5 years in the UK among which 2 years are in London. Let’ start! What brought you to London? People […]

13 questions to a landlord @Sharehoods #Accommodation #Halloween

As finding an accommodation becomes the first stage of your big quest “Moving and settling in the UK”, today I will blog about things you need to consider when renting an estate in the UK. Unless you are not provided with accommodation from your university/company, the following can be useful for you. My advice on […]

Lifetime decision: 6 strategies to find a paid internship @Sharehoods #Internship #Strategies

–          What does a typical travel bag of an average family consist of? –          2 cameras, 2 laptops, 4 iphones, 3 ipods, 1 ipad. Social Media Week London 2012 Sounds like a joke, but the process of digitalization has indeed strongly penetrated our lives. From family, everyday activity and living standards to communication and work […]

Housing in London: finding your new home. @Sharehoods #Accommodation #Islington.

The report of The Evening Standard on 18.07.2012 gives a very good overview of suitability of various London areas for people of different ages. Our interest is the first column, which rates places for adults with no children, presumably students and young professionals. I myself live in the Borough of Islington for more than a […]