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Lifetime decision: 6 strategies to find a paid internship @Sharehoods #Internship #Strategies

–          What does a typical travel bag of an average family consist of? –          2 cameras, 2 laptops, 4 iphones, 3 ipods, 1 ipad. Social Media Week London 2012 Sounds like a joke, but the process of digitalization has indeed strongly penetrated our lives. From family, everyday activity and living standards to communication and work […]

Checklist: 10 steps to settle in the UK @Sharehoods #FirstSteps #SettlingEffectively

The previous blog post tells my story about registration at the Overseas Visitors Records Office (Link) during my first week in the UK. Recalling this time as hectic and stressful, I decided to nail down 10 essential steps a student needs to make in order to settle in the UK effectively and hopefully cheerfully. I […]

A day at the police station: registering at the Overseas Visitors Records Office @Sharehoods #Police #SudentRegistration

Photo credit © Yuliya Kogay When I arrived in London a year ago, I barely expected to spend almost 6 hours at the police station (Overseas Visitors Records Office). Sounds like a beginning of a detective story but if you are a student from Kazakhstan or Russia or any other country from this list, you […]